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Nordic Digital Brothers

Marketing agency, that focuses on ambitious company's scalable growth

What we do

Funnel creation and optimization

Youtube/Google advertising

Email Marketing 

Companies, that we work with

Tools we prefer to use in marketing

Our service includes

Conversion tracking

We perform conversion tracking on your site, so we know exactly where the revenue is coming from

Detailed targeting

We make sure that all your marketing efforts reach your ideal customer with a detailed customer avatar.

Scripting / copywriting

Our text/video design will help you know exactly how to create a creative video advertisement.


We run advanced remarketing campaigns to get your ads in front of many customers as possible.

Data analysis

Want to see trends in the longer term? We can help you understand data and its importance in the marketing process.

 Scaling and optimization

If you feel that marketing is stuttering and you want more sales, you have come to the right place. We optimize your campaigns and scale them profitably.

Niko Jormanainen

Viljami Kärki

Nordic Digital Brothers

We are a results-oriented social media marketing agency. 

All our ads and ideas are designed and implemented by us from start to finish.

Our marketing philosophy works regardless of the industry and that is why we have great companies here and there with whom we get to work with.

Our specialty and focus is marketing on Google services.

For the customer, the marketing “path” is always considered on a case-by-case basis.

Our idea is to create ads for people/companies where the product/service arouses interest and need.  

When creating ads, the goal is to get the attention of a potential customer. 

It is done by profiling the customer, finding out how they talk, act, daily challenges, dreams, etc.… attention is achieved if the customer recognizes their own reality from the ad.

The more targeted your ad, the more effective it will be.

Let's talk about ads?

Book a free strategy call with us, so we can advise on how we can help you grow your business.